Is NordVPN working with Netfllix?

Can you access the world’s best streaming service?

With any VPN service, it’s more than just protecting yourself from gaining access to your personal data. It’s also about being able to access sites that are blocked or geo-locked, and being able access content that you wouldn’t be able to.

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NordVPN is one of these companies, a company that is trying to protect its subscriber base and keep them informed, while also giving them access to as many sites as possible. Probably the site that most people want to access is Netflix US, not only because it’s where all the major content is, but also because the Netflix sites of your country may not have the certain show or movie. Netflix has always opposed the use of a proxy/VPN to access their site, this is mainly down to rights of certain shows in different countries, but recently there have been a few work arounds, one of which is with NordVPN.


How to access Netflix US with NordVPN?

The workaround consists of NordVPN having about 2 to 3 serves among their list of servers, which you can check on their app and requires some configuration on the part of the user, that allow you uninterrupted access to Netflix US & Canada. While most people may find it intimidating to configure a SmartDNS, NordVPN has you covered there too, with their systematic guide. This is also true when it comes to NordVPN’s Android and iOS apps, which will also allow you to access Netflix US & Canada through the Netflix app or even through the browser.

Having said all this, NordVPN does advise that there is a good chance that there will still be problems when it trying to accessing Netflix. This is mainly due to the crackdown that Netflix is doing when it comes to people with proxy services or VPNs trying to access their site. They do have a couple of workarounds that they are trying to implement, but currently the only workaround is to use these 3 to 4 servers that allow you to access the site.

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Do keep in mind that NordVPN is not the only VPN service provider with this problem, almost all big or small VPN service providers are facing this problem and while some do have genuine work around, none of them work 100% of the time. NordVPN does currently have the best work around and while it’s not the best or the most elegant way to do so, you do get access to all your favourite shows and movies on Netflix US & Canada.

Overall, to answer the question at the start, can you access the world’s best streaming service? I would say yes with NordVPN. Again, it may take a bit of tinkering on the part of the customer but with the help of NordVPN’s guide and the easy to use app, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. So don’t worry, with NordVPN Netflix is pretty much at your finger tips