How does NordVPN work?

Don’t you just get annoyed when you just want to have a nice time on your favorite TV channel or do something urgent online and some guy says there’s a restriction on your locality so you can’t? I don’t know about you but it pisses me off! I mean, everyone should be able to have free, unrestricted access to the internet at all times and from everywhere. The good news, is that with Nordvpn, you can easily bypass all those annoying barriers.

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For those who might be wondering, the VPN service is a service that allows you to surf the web in an anonymous state. How does this help- you may ask? Well, the guys who lock you out when you try to access your favorite sites, do so, when they see that your Internet Protocol (IP) address, is from a zone that they don’t allow. This is possible because IP addresses are very unique to different countries and localities (that’s why it’s called an address). The following are the unique features of Nordvpn.

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Nordvpn Gives You Web Invisibility

What Nordvpn does, is that that when you go through their service, you’re tunneled (concealed) through the web. This simply means your IP address will be completely invisible to other third-party software or agencies. In short, you’re invisible.

You may also be wondering; won’t my invisibility raise a flag when I visit sites? Well, it won’t! This is because when your local IP address is concealed, your presence online will be with a foreign IP address, depending on the server you choose to operate on (there are 508 different options). So, this way, you’re basically untraceable, whether locally or globally!

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Nordvpn Gives You Complete Online Privacy

Apart from being invisible, with Nordvpn, the details of your online activities are also concealed. This is because when you surf the net via Nordvpn, all your internet activities are safeguarded by the unique security protocols set up by experts. So, the websites you visit or the files you download or the amount of time you spend online is completely hidden from third parties. In fact, even your internet service provider (ISP) cannot have access to this information. It is completely private to you.

With Nordvpn, your internet traffic information is completely kept secret through the military grade encryption program that is practically impossible to break or bypass, not even by a supercomputer! The simple implication of this to you is that your personal or business information is completely safe any time you surf the net.

Nordvpn Gives You Unrestricted Online Access

With Nordvpn, you can actually access any site at any time, even if those sites are blocked by your government or ISP. Sites like Hulu, BBC, Netflix, ITV and Sky, can be easily accessed and at high definition too.

As a cherry on the cake, the speed of internet surf is amazingly fast. This is because Nordvpn uses top-quality servers enabling an amazing speed, so you can as well forget about drags when streaming your favorite channels in HD. Nordvpn comes in 1-month, 6-month and 1-year plans.